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Waking up in the morning with the anticipation of having a happy and fulfilling day....

Avukat Or

Avukat Or was founded in 2004 by the parents of children with multiple disabilitlies:  blindness coupled with either mental, physical or developmental or communication challenges.

The day center is located in Jerusalem and offers living quarters, as well as activites that allows the participants to feel that their lives are meaningful.  


To offer our paricipants a warm, respectful and safe environment, where they are given personalized attention in a family setting.

We offer living quarters, as well as activities offered by professionals, that are aimed at answering the needs of our special children, so that they too will have the right to have a stable and rich life full of meaning, just as other individuals.

Our Activities
דיירות במערך הדיור של אבוקת אור, במהלך הופעה בפני תלמידי בי"ס

Avukat Or offers fun activities for its participants, including a variety of different types of therapies, such as gardening, music, and art

דיירת ומדריכה במערך הדיור של אבוקת אור, במהלך מסיבת פורים
Living Quarters

Living quarters are offered by Avukat Or for those who are blind with other disabilities. These apartments serve as the permanent homes of the ones that live there

חניכי אבוקת אור במהלך פעילות עם עמותת "אתגרים"
Day Center

At our day center, there are a variety of different therapies offered, along with a wide range of creative activities

Become a partner of Avukat Or and help us reach our goal to open a new Day Center

Your donation can help us build a new building that will serve as Avukat Or's new day center

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